How Gay Hookup Apps Have Altered Dating Eternally

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Let us face it: It’s not the 1950 s. Gone are the days when Peggy Sue waited anxiously by the wall-mounted telephone for Bobby to telephone and ask her for a malt before the sock hop. Hookup and relationship programs like Hardline have become the in thing, eternally altering old-school as we know them, dating habits and trends.

However, is this necessarily a poor thing? Some people lament that love affair has since been killed by millennial tendencies. But maybe there have not been any acts of homicide. As most things have a tendency to do perhaps it is just shifted.

Matches are actually, you know, matches

Reverses bringing is a thing of the past; it is just too much work. Real matches to food tastes, or music, movie are much easier to keep and far more fun. Who wouldn’t desire a relationship like that?

There’s more chance for locating someone

Seriously. You know at a glance who’s available, who would date you versus jump your bones, and who’s cute, who likes that same odd French picture you enjoy. So many folks are in the exact same place looking for one another.

There’s less danger of, you know, being stuck with someone eternally out of guilt

For a number of us, it’s difficult to say no in life, especially if a person is potentially offering their heart. Millennials seem to really have a specific aversion to hurting anybody’s feelings at any given moment. (And I base that off of no signs whatsoever outside of casual observation.) We’ve all heard the stories of someone dating a person out of remorse or an inability to firmly say no. With apps, you and the person can pass by with almost no bad feelings, especially since they often will not even know they were merely passed.

It’s more like a resume

Maybe even your favorite accomplishments at a man’s fingertips, and with all of your stats, likes, you are able to let someone make a more informed decision about whether they believe you’d be correct for them. You’re only uploading your curriculum vitae and seeing who takes a nibble.

It’s wonderful for just plain getting laid

And what’s wrong with that? Are our sexual mindsets still stuck in the 50s, also? There’s no need for slut shaming. Sexual freedoms are continuing to advance and there isn’t any shame in needing something that someone else is willing to give. Hookup programs simply allow it to be easier for like-minded folks to find one another, whether it be for a a lifetime or for a night.